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Heart disease from more diseases dangerous to human life. heart disease will be in the form of episodes of acute pain, which affects the heart muscle as a result of narrowing or blockage in one of the arteries that The function of the delivery of oxygen, and thus stop fed vessels causing strokes heart attacks and angina and other diseases. Different symptoms of heart disease, according to the disease, Ken Drew Review

Symptoms of cardiovascular diseases (Cardiovascular Disease - CVD): caused heart disease, vascular narrowing, blockage or hardening of the blood vessels, lead to non-receipt of the heart, brain or other organs in the body an adequate amount of blood.

Symptoms of cardiovascular disease include:

Chest pain (angina - Angina pectoris) shortness of breath (Dyspnea) pain, numbness, weakness or feeling cold in the legs and arms, if there is narrowing of the blood vessels in which the symptoms of heart disease caused by arrhythmias (Arrhythmia): Arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat. Arrhythmias may include heart beat at a higher rate than normal, at a lower rate than normal or irregularly.

Symptoms of heart disease, heart-related systems include: Flap (twitching) in the chest tachycardia (rapid pulse - Tachycardia) bradycardia (slow pulse Bradycardia) chest pain shortness of breath, dizziness syncope (fainting - Fainting / Syncope) or close the case of syncope symptoms of heart disease caused by a defect in the heart: defect (Congenital defect) in acute heart can be detected, usually in a matter of hours, days, weeks or months after birth.
Symptoms of defects, heart disease include: skin-colored light gray or blue (cyanosis - Cyanosis) bulge in the abdomen, legs or around the eyes shortness of breath by eating, what is causing the increase is not enough in weight , birth defects least unit and the seriousness of being diagnosed, often, in only from late childhood or even in adulthood.,click here


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Symptoms Of Heart Disease

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