Internal Treatment:

● 1 kilo of honey Samar first grade.

● 140 grams herb black.

● 50 grams herb over the roe (atime).

Did you know?Might happen to wear in the names of some of the natural ingredients, especially herbs because of the similarity of their names or different from one country to another

How to use natural healing

ointment natural : hemorrhoid and paint the area around the anus twice a
day and the best of times right before bedtime, in the case of the presence of internal hemorrhoids is inserted a few of ointment to the inside of the anus.
Honey hills: attend honey syrup by mixing two tablespoons of honey food with half a cup of plain water and drink the morning on an empty stomach.
Black: is used once a day before the Maghrebprayer, and how to use; where is placed 7 fruits of Black (approximately 5 g) in the cup is empty and hurt him boiling water, cover and leave for five to ten minutes, stirring after and filtered and drink soaked, can also be used in the form of powdered so ISV in the mouth half a teaspoon of crushed Black and drink it a little plain water.
passed roe: in the evening before dinner Test in the mouth half a teaspoon of crushed bitter and drink afterwards plain water, in the case of not to accept the bitter taste of a severe gall bladder can be filled gelatin capsules ground in an empty (Rivet) than those sold in stores or dietary supplements in shops Perfumery, and the use of TWO day. Ken Drew Review

This natural remedy codified and carefully considered and has no negative side effects.


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