Symptoms Of Heart Disease

American researchers have found the reason to the most prominent in the most common heart disease in the world. The researchers discovered a gene in the human body does when you change its shape to the hardening of the aorta a third heart disease prevalent in the world of adults, Disease less review

According to one of the researchers at the University of California, the change that occurs on a gene that “or T-CH-1” cause changes in a normal heart with age. He adds that this gene plays an important role in guiding the process of transport inside cells, it also contributes considerable influence with some of the proteins in the development of valve.

Symptoms of heart disease first: the pain of a strong infect chest afflicting people wounded heart disease.

Secondly, suffers a heart patient of the difficulty in the process of respiration.

Thirdly: When heart disease is accompanied by the patient some pain
extended toward the neck and shoulders.

Fourth feel sick heart suffocated sometimes.

Fifth. Infected heart patient in case not treated or neglected himself, obstruction fully in the arteries impedes breathing.

Sixth symptoms task that infect a patient heart strokes and stroke attack.

Seventh of the most visible symptoms on the patient’s heart an increase in heart rate is very fast.

Eighth: may get sick heart swelling severe in his ankles.

Ninth: symptoms of heart disease are also feeling the pain in the gums, pain in one of the jaws.

Tenth: up pain often for heart patient to his arms right or left.

Eleventh century: a symptom of heart disease has the feel of a fall ill, heart disease, pain in the chest, but the back of any of the back.

Twelve: a symptom of disease Heart coincides occurrence of non-contractility of the heart muscle of the heart patient and is what is known as: cardiomyopathy

Thirteen: a symptom of heart disease incidence sweat of one of the symptoms of heart disease for more info


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Internal Treatment:

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