The Treatment Of Colorectal Cancer

Already mentioned when we talk about cancer of the colon and rectum that the dose of physical therapy and the duration of use depends on the degree of cancer and the stage reached by a cancerous tumor, and suggests to treat colon cancer needs to be two months, sustained a minimum, the following of the lines we will explain the amount of natural ingredients sufficient for this period and details of how to use the treatment of colorectal cancer. Ken Drew Scam

Components of physical therapy:

4 kilograms of honey Luxury,

400 grams royal jelly (100 grams with each kilo honey),

480 grams of pollen (120 grams with each kilo honey),

600 ml of propels liquid (gum bees), in the case of powder enough 360 grams.

900 grams of the herb turmeric,

720 grams of herb Burdock,

Way to use the treatment of colon cancer:

Details physiotherapy:


Honey has benefits that cannot be confined to one side or even different aspects, honey unique and distinctive make him The ability of healing amazing for many diseases and symptoms, and enough Us signal Koran clearly this ability therapeutic, and honey, which is famous for its Yemen is very useful for digestive diseases also noted recent research, and is known that tumors are almost non-existent between beekeepers and people who eat constantly, and honey original have a major impact in reducing the growth Abnormal cells of the human body and is therefore one of the best natural treatments for resistant tumor cells as well as to fight the side effects of drugs chemicals. click the link for contact and get more info etc


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Internal Treatment:

1 kilo of honey Samar first grade. 140 grams herb black. 50 grams herb over the roe (atime). Did you know?Might happen to wear in the names of some of the natural ingredients, especially herbs because of the similarity of their names... Continue →