Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment

Method for the treatment of hemorrhoids

Methods that are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids are either temporary sedative or may end in failure and the return of hemorrhoids again, and the reason is because, of course, to pay attention to a disease without paying attention to being in most cases the symptom of another, such as irritable bowel syndrome or constipation, and for this it is essential that the focus is not on treatment external only, but should him treat internal.
In the treatment center academic Applied Through our knowledge of the extent of this health problem and the extent of physical pain and mental suffering incurred by a patient, we offer this page and its ramifications natural way proven and effective for the elimination of hemorrhoids, This method is called; way for the treatment of hemorrhoid.

This method involves the use of a natural remedy external component of natural products bring in the form of an ointment in addition to physiotherapy internal, the following lines of the details of this therapeutic method; components, their amounts, and the method of preparation and use, note that the dose Ingredients described below are sufficient for a period of four weeks.

Ingredients and amounts

External treatment:

● 15 grams papers Ace (Ages).

● 15 grams Zrenbad.

● 15 grams Feb (similarities)

● 50 ml olive oil.

● 5 grams beeswax.

Way to prepare the ointment:

in the beginning grinds both Papers Ace and herb and alum soft bite to become, and to begin to prepare the ointment melts beeswax on the backburner and then added his olive oil with constant stirring to blend the wax with oil then of fire immediately and add them successively alum and later Finally ace and be gradually added little by little, stirring well and constantly until the mixture is like ointment saves for use in the glass case is suitable.
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